Tongi Maara (present to 2023)

Maaku anoo e hanga tooku nei whare. Ko ngaa poupou o roto he Maahoe, he Patete, he Hiinau. Kia whakatupu ki te hua o te Rengarenga, kia whakapakari ki te hua o te Kawariki!

Kiingi Taawhiao

Area tagged for the implementation of a maara at Te Kura o Rangiriri.

Inspired by the growing disconnection with native plant species by our increasingly urbanized communities, it became a priority for us to develop a programme of action that enhanced and then maintained the relationship between our people and the plants in the tongi kura of Kiingi Taawhiao.

Working with 6 marae – Taniwha-Tangoao, Te Kotahitanga, Tauranganui, Ngaa Tai E Rua, Maurea and Horahora, and a Kura-aa-Iwi (Rangiriri) – we identified areas for gardens to be installed. We then pulled together designs and planting plans, and with the support of our funders, we aim to have these gardens in place by June 2023. To date, we have installed 3 gardens and have been working with marae whaanau in their upkeep and maintenance. Waikato-Tainui staff are also supporting with waananga for marae whaanau to explore the meaning of the tongi and to learn more about the plants that now sit on their marae.

The Swampfrog team with whaanau from Taniwha-Tangoao after their Tongi Maara was installed © Taniwha-Tangoao Marae



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