The Waikato River (near Arapuni)

Photographer: C van Schravendijk-Goodman, Image © Swampfrog

What is Restoration

The language around restoration can be very broad and can also imply slightly different things, but ultimately, it is about using the most ecologically appropriate plants to return a place back to a point in time of what ‘used to be’. For some this starts out as revegetating or reforesting an area – putting in trees and shrubs to assist in erosion control for example; whilst for others it is the full package of trying to recreate lost ecosystems and also associated and important cultural practices. The challenge for all situations however, is doing restoration in a way that doesn’t clash with but supports broader social and economic values as well as the ecological and cultural.

Our team has a lot of experience in the River restoration space, with a particular interest and passion for wetlands and swamp forest regeneration. Our intention is to work with our clients to identify the most appropriate species for their projects by pulling on our own extensive experience in addition to drawing on the skillsets of our very wide-reaching networks of experts in restoration science and planning.

Kiekie (male) in flower, Kaimai Ranges Photographer: S. Scheele (2006), Image © S. Scheele

Wetland Handbooks

Wetland Restoration. A handbook for New Zealand freshwater systems
Te reo o te repo: The voice of the wetland
Te reo o te repo – kei konei tonu au: The Voice of the Wetland – I am still here

Restoration resources co-developed with our team:

Whitebait – Joint Spatial Mapping project
Waikato River Report Card – Technical Summary
Willow and Alder guide for Waikato (Landcare Trust and Waikato Raupatu River Trust)
In Field on Maurea Islands with tangata whenua and wetland scientists, Waikato Photographer: P. Champion (2011), Image © P. Champion

Why Choose Us

our services


Our highly experienced team are fully insured and prequal approved for council work. We are on call 24/7 to assist you with all of your tree maintenance requirements including hedge trimming, pruning, removal and mulch supply. We can also assist you with your tree and hedge planting providing the complete package of services from suitable tree selection, sourcing, delivery and planting.


We have over 20+ combined years’ experience in native forest, riparian and wetland restoration. Coupled with our strong networks of native ecosystem experts, we can help you with the guidance and networks you need to select the right native species for your projects.


Our team has been involved in the periphery of Kauri Dieback and Myrtle Rust for over 10 years and work closely with incursion networks to remain informed about risks to our native ecosystems. We can assist you to build the information and expert advice you need to address these issues for your own projects.


Our team is available to assist you with you stumpgrinding needs. Big or small, we can provide you with the assurances of fast and reliable service.

Gardening design and maintenance

Our team can assist you to build a plan together to enhance your home, and help you source the plants and even install them. We have a network of experts in the building, concreting and hard landscaping spaces that we can also connect you with to make your vision become a reality. We offer monthly garden maintenance packages. Talk to us about your needs today.

Community -based Environmental research

Our research team has over 40+years combined experience in environmental-related research including reviewing policy, planning and co-designing environmental research with communities. You can see more about what we are currently working on via our projects page.

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